Introducing our third discovery: A Coastal Gin - A truly memorable gin.

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Late April 2020 saw the world tested, our Travel industry impacted. Our challenges were compounded by the sheer joy that we all get from travelling, from socialising and from the feelings of wonder and awe that come with new experiences.

It was in this environment that Gindu was born.

Born out of a desire to create something, whilst the world around us changed. Something that we could all share, that represented our industry, that engaged our senses, and evoked the sense of joy that discovery brings.

Our founder’s focus is discovery and nurturing a sense of pride in the land we all call home. Whilst we have created a gin, we hope that we have also distilled an urge to discover more of Australia. These amazing landscapes house our botanicals, and it is from these botanicals that our gin is created.

Our gin is uniquely Australian, with botanicals sourced from all over our great land. This is a gin we want you to engage with, to delight your senses and of course, share with friends over a yarn or two. Pour yourself a Gindu and let it take you to parts of Australia you’ve always wanted to discover.

But most of all, enjoy – this isn’t just our gin – it’s yours.