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Rainforest Cherry Gin
Charles Ring (Victoria, Australia)
Haven't received items

Hi there I am excited to receive your items but at the moment can't leave a proper review as they have not arrived! Would appreciate any help in getting these products. Thanks

Thanks Charlie, I received your email this morning as well and have chased down the courier company. There is a statement I've been provided fundamentally saying COVID and the Flu are impacting all deliveries by up to 5 working days. Your order is 5 working days late. I'm waiting on a detailed investigation. Failing this or the courier company losing the order then we will reship the order to you. Hopefully when you do try the gin you can update your review. Thanks, Jamie

Rainforest Cherry Gin
Melinda Holloway (Victoria, Australia)

Delicious with grapefruit soda, a really light and refreshing gin

A Coastal Gin
Alison Murphy (Victoria, Australia)

Coastal Gin- a sensory indulgence
Your knowledge and passion for Australian botanicals is captured beautifully in this gin. I ordered the Coastal gin and was delighted with the prompt delivery to regional Victoria.
It’s so much more than just a drink, it’s a sensory experience which indulges the senses and captures the essence of the coast; not to mention the beauty and simplicity of the bottle.
Well done Gindu!

Rainforest Cherry Gin
Liz Paul Jackman (New South Wales, Australia)
The Best

I absolutely recommend Gindu gin! I love the distinct flavours and the ordering and delivery was A1.

Rainforest Cherry Gin
Tom Madigan (Victoria, Australia)
Brilliant as usual.

Professionally organised and delivered. Fantastic gin, amazingly refreshing and just what the doctor ordered. Thanks Gindu team for another great Gin.

Rainforest Cherry Gin
Iain Hobbs (Victoria, Australia)
Wax on wax off

Gin was very nice, but there needs to be a string or wire cutter for the wax tops. I nearly took a finger off using a knife.. This is a serious concern. Thanks

Hi Iain,
Thank you for taking the time to write a review and we're glad you liked the gin as much as you did. Thank you for the feedback on the bottle, we definitely don't want any injuries so we need to find a way to solve that. Regards

Rainforest Cherry Gin
Naomi Waters (Victoria, Australia)
So good!

I've never enjoyed gin neat before, but this is SO GOOD on ice, and is my new favourite. The flavour combination is perfect. The colour is beautiful too! I also love that it's all natural.

Rainforest Cherry Gin
Rick Hargreaves (Victoria, Australia)

Sensational Gin. Heaven at the end of the day!

An Australian Gin
Stevyn Walder (New South Wales, Australia)
Very nice well balanced Gin

The flavours really do present themselves. Well done Gindu!!

An Australian Gin
Brett Mitchell (Victoria, Australia)
An Australian Gin - its a ripper!

awesome to see local businesses produce quality local product. Delicious!

An Australian Gin
Bryce Geyer (Victoria, Australia)

What fantastic Gins you have made! I purchased an Australian Gin and an Australian Dry and thoroughly enjoyed their distinctive flavours. I drank them neat and with light tonics, which were delicious! Well done Gindu Team, really enjoyable!

A Coastal Gin
Kerryn Donchi (Victoria, Australia)
Gindu offers a great product range, we love them all

We’ve really enjoyed each of the Gindu range. Gin has become our go to pre-dinner drink over COVID and we’ve sampled a wide range of products, but Gindu has become a real favourite in our family.

A Coastal Gin
Simon Fabrikant (Victoria, Australia)
Awesome product and service

Not a gin drinker myself, but my partner loves it, and apparently Gindu right up there with best of them.
For me......easy to purchase online and phenomenal service.
We're both happy, win win. Thank you

An Australian Gin
Haley Chartres (Victoria, Australia)

This is THE BEST gin ever. Mix it with Elderflower Fevertree and some mint and BOOM - you have a quick cocktail to start a party or end a hard day at work. Yummmmmmmmy.

A Coastal Gin
GUY FISHER (New South Wales, Australia)
My new favourite gin

Absolutely loved the Coastal Gin - the Aussie Dry had taken my favourite spot but for me I think this has even surpassed that awesome gin!

An Australian Dry
Stephen Henderson (Western Australia, Australia)
Delivery issues

I'm positive that the gin, when it finally arrives, will be fantastic. I belong to a whisky club that has delayed delivery to WA but whoever Gingu choose to use is worse... but that is their delivery choice, not the purchasers

Hi Stephen, we are very sorry. Your order was placed originally shipped with Fastaway and then they failed to collect it due to COVID impacting their centre here in Melbourne. We then moved your order to Couriers Please who collected your order on the 17th of November and it is now enroute. The latest delivery time however is due on the 30th. We agree the times are dreadful and we will investigate what our other options are. Hopefully when you try the gin you can reconsider your review, we're doing our very best under incredibly unusual circumstances. Regards

The Gindu Pack
Debra Long (Victoria, Australia)
The Best New Botanical Australian Gin

Such an interesting aroma, with the tastes of Australia.
Deliciously unique.

An Australian Gin
robyn nixon (Victoria, Australia)
Lovely botanicals , excellent drop

We really enjoyed our first Gindu , the Australian Gin. It has lovely subtle botanical flavours and makes for the perfect drink

The Gindu Pack
Basil hyman (Victoria, Australia)
Wonderful gin

Wonderful gin, i can understand why it has won some a prestigious award

An Australian Dry
John Studdert, Echanson d'Australie, La Chaîne des Rôtisseurs (New South Wales, Australia)
The Judges were spot on

We tasted this Gin as part of a part of an OMGD night of our Dining club, La Chaîne des Rôtisseurs. (The Ordre Mondial des Gourmets Dégustateurs (OMGD) is a specific section of the Chaîne des Rôtisseurs' which specialises in and concentrates on wines, spirits, liqueurs and crafted beverages.) On the night we tasted 8 trophy Gins from the 2020 and 2021 judging of the Australian Gin Distillers Association - so all high end Australian Gins. The Ginu displayed all the characteristics of a dry Gin and I preferred to enjoy it without mixers (other than a dash of water). Like the Judges at the 2021 Australian Gin Awards I appreciated the elegant botanicals and the simplicity. A class act!

An Australian Gin
Briony Maloney (Victoria, Australia)
The BEST gin I've ever tasted!

This gin really is a taste sensation. Light and easy to drink, the flavours are beautiful.
Loved mine with soda water.

An Australian Gin
Sally (Victoria, Australia)
Gindu with soda

Loving the Gindu with soda and cucumber. Fresh and light.

An Australian Dry
Philip Weinman (Victoria, Australia)

An Australian Dry

An Australian Dry
Shelley Shein (Victoria, Australia)
Gindu Dry

Definitely the one to try with each sip cementing the worthiness of its award. A smooth, perfectly balanced delight for the senses.

An Australian Dry
Leanne Innes (New South Wales, Australia)
Delicious and dry

Would definitely buy again, very smooth