Western NSW
New South Wales

Western NSW

What does “the Far West” mean to you? For our Australian Gin, it represents the home of the Desert Limes, found in the north western Outback of New South Wales.

A dry, arid region where the area is large, and the population small. A tough place to grow anything, yet our native botanical thrives in these harsh conditions.

Several National Parks span this area, and the remoteness only adds to its beauty.

Desert Limes

Citrus glauca

All good Gin needs a little piquant citrus element.

Desert Limes are little pockets of earthy citrus joy from the Australian outback.

Surviving in the drier areas, these little gems of concentrated citric acid that in the right quantity, offer the sharpness and lemon/lime finish, without being overpowering.

An Australian Gin

Subtle juniper combined with floral notes of lemon and lime from Australian botanicals, balanced with a delicate herbal, earthy palate and a lingering spicy finish. A gin that will embrace a light tonic.

Gindu is about discovery. The chance to discover more of our great land, be inspired by stunning landscapes, and savour unique Australian botanicals. Our inaugural distillation is our first step in roaming far and wide, and to include the botanicals that appeal through their flavour profile and amazing stories.

This isn’t just our gin, it’s yours.