West Coast
Western Australia

West Coast, WA

Australia’s West Coast is also referred to as Western Australia’s Coral Coast region. With some of the most stunning and remote coastlines in Australia, the West Coast provides foot-print free and secluded beaches as well as the incredible, 600 km-long Ningaloo Reef, bursting with colour and life.

Turquoise Bay is one such place where you can step off a silicon sand beach and be swimming over a reef filled with turtles and parrot fish in moments. The locals say it’s like the Great Barrier Reef, but without the barrier.

The hardy Geraldton Wax can be found hugging many of these beautiful West Coast beaches, and adds the floral, earthy notes that have become one of our signatures to our Australian Gin.

Geraldton Wax

Chamelaucium uncinatum

A lovely flower originating in WA which is now cultivated into various hybrids for garden use.

However, the leaves and flowers have been used in cooking forever.

We loved the kaffir lime like qualities of Geraldton Wax. Very slightly citrussy and fragrant.

An Australian Gin

Subtle juniper combined with floral notes of lemon and lime from Australian botanicals, balanced with a delicate herbal, earthy palate and a lingering spicy finish. A gin that will embrace a light tonic.

Gindu is about discovery. The chance to discover more of our great land, be inspired by stunning landscapes, and savour unique Australian botanicals. Our inaugural distillation is our first step in roaming far and wide, and to include the botanicals that appeal through their flavour profile and amazing stories.

This isn’t just our gin, it’s yours.