Nambucca Valley
Northern New South Wales

Nambucca Valley, Northern NSW

Anise Myrtle is native to the sub-tropical rainforests of northern New South Wales, along the streams and lower slopes of the Bellinger and Nambucca valleys.

One of the best ways to explore this region is via kayak or canoe through parts of the 80km long meandering waterways.

Whilst paddling, keep a keen eye open for the somewhat rare Aniseed Myrtle rainforest tree – a stunning tree that can reach up to 45 metres in height, the leaves of which have found their way into our Australian Dry.

Aniseed Myrtle

Syzygium anisatum

Anise myrtle leaves are a key botanical in our Australian Dry.

The leaves have strong liquorice and aniseed flavours so we only needed the smallest sample to complement our gin profile.

Aniseed myrtle has high antioxidant activity, is rich in magnesium and also provides a good source of lutein, folate and vitamins E & C … have we justified the health benefits of drinking gin?

With such a strong flavour profile, the inclusion of Aniseed Myrtle into our Australian Dry was an easy decision, so in you go!

An Australian Dry

Upfront juniper followed by subtle tones of anise, sunburnt wattle and saltbush. Piquant lime with hints of mandarin, finishing with a warm spicy glow. A gin for all occasions.

Gindu is about discovery. The chance to discover more of our great land, be inspired by stunning landscapes, and savour unique Australian botanicals. Our second distillation is our next step in roaming far and wide, and to include the botanicals that appeal through their flavour profile and amazing stories.

This isn’t just our gin, it’s yours.