Inland Australia

Inland Australia

Inland Australia is a vast, sparsely populated area with a unique and haunting beauty that exerts a powerful fascination to those who get to know it.

Covering two third’s of Australia’s mainland there’s one plant that seems to overcome the hot, unforgiving conditions more than any other, Old Man Salt Bush. Whether it’s the far reaches of the Tanami Desert to the expanses of the Great Victoria Desert, or small ‘in-between-towns’ such as Coober Pedy where it’s that hot that the locals not only work underground, but live underground too; this varietal not only survives, it thrives.

Not limited to low lying clay pans and saline country, Old Man Saltbush can be found through-out most of Australia’s dry semi-arid zones in a variety of soil types.

Old Man Saltbush

Atriplex nummularia

Old Man Saltbush is an extremely versatile plant that has many and varied uses including being deliberately planted along outback roads to create a natural roadside reflector because of its silver and highly reflective leaves.

It is incredibly adaptable and can tolerate long droughts as well as periodic flooding. Furthermore the plant is frost and salt tolerant. A true survivor.

The Old Man Saltbush foliage are salty in flavour and rich in protein, antioxidants and minerals, making it a botanical that not only represents the harsh Australian inland, but provides the appropriate subtle savoury addition to Gindu’s Australian Dry.

An Australian Dry

Upfront juniper followed by subtle tones of anise, sunburnt wattle and saltbush. Piquant lime with hints of mandarin, finishing with a warm spicy glow. A gin for all occasions.

Gindu is about discovery. The chance to discover more of our great land, be inspired by stunning landscapes, and savour unique Australian botanicals. Our second distillation is our next step in roaming far and wide, and to include the botanicals that appeal through their flavour profile and amazing stories.

This isn’t just our gin, it’s yours.