South Australia

Coorong, SA

Found along much of the southern coast of Australia, Muntries are harvested in both Kangaroo Island and near the Coorong National Park of South Australia.

Located 200km East of Adelaide, the Coorong is a coastal wetland where the Murray River meets the coast and spills into the Southern Ocean. The wetlands region is significant, as it holds local and international importance supporting many endangered flora and fauna, all whilst facing droughts and over-irrigation challenges upstream.

The Coorong is not only the home of Mr Percival (featured in Colin Thiele’s 1964 novel ‘Storm Boy’) but also home to over 220 varieties of birds that are either residing or migrating to the wetlands.


Kunzea pomifera

Muntries are a ground hugging plant native to the southern coast of Australia from Portland in Victoria to the Eyre Peninsula and Kangaroo Island in South Australia. They are also known as emu apples or native cranberries.

Though muntries resemble blueberries in size and shape, the fruit tastes like apple with a juniper essence – perfect for our Coastal Gin!

Muntries may have up to four times the antioxidants of blueberries, improve immune function and lower the risk for infection, heart disease and cancer. They also provide natural waxes that nourish the skin and provide a barrier against moisture loss.

A Coastal Gin

Sunrise lime and rainforest lychee complement the savoury notes of coastal rosemary and saltbush. A light pepper finish combines to create a memorable gin.

Gindu is about discovery. The chance to discover more of our great land, be inspired by stunning landscapes, and savour unique Australian botanicals. Our second distillation is our next step in roaming far and wide, and to include the botanicals that appeal through their flavour profile and amazing stories.

This isn’t just our gin, it’s yours.