Atherton Tablelands

Atherton Tablelands

Elevated in the rich, fertile soils above Far North Queensland’s capital of Cairns, the Atherton Tablelands produces much of Australia’s commercial agriculture of tropical fruits and vegetables.

The region is abundant with stunning waterfalls and swimming holes, to complement its variety of local produce. Amongst the lush plateau in Queensland’s hinterland, over 2000 local producers form the ‘food bowl’ that feeds both the local Far North Queensland communities, as well as broader commercial ventures throughout Australia.

The small towns of Kuranda, Mareeba and Millaa Millaa within the Atherton Tablelands are the hubs where the local producers come together to showcase their goods to the buyers, creating a relaxed and warm atmosphere for all those who visit.

Rainforest Cherry

Syzygium aqueum

Often referred to as a Lilly Pilly, the Rainforest Cherry tree is found throughout the tropics of Queensland. The tree requires heavy rainfalls and can survive in tropical habitats, up to 1600m from sea level.

Ripening throughout the summer months, the fruit; a strawberry-like, thin-skinned berry has a very mild and slightly sweet taste similar to apples, a crisp watery texture like the inside of a watermelon and a tangy yet “tannin” dryness making the cherry very versatile and so it is used for sweet or savoury purposes.

The fruits bruise easily allowing the soft pulpy flesh to leach out its pink/maroon colour which provides the additional flavour and natural colour in our Rainforest Cherry Gin.

Rainforest Cherry Gin

Subtle yet bright with a fresh, zesty aroma derived from Rainforest Cherries. Sharp fruit notes straight up, with hints of wild basil, leading to a pepper combination of boab tubers, pepper berries and leaves.

Enjoyed neat, on ice, with a splash of water or soda or mixed with a flavoured mixer like a Long Rays Citrus Tonic or Fever-Tree Mediterranean Tonic.

This is an all natural product, the colour will fade but not the flavour.

This isn’t just our gin, it’s yours.